We’re so glad you found our website. Whether you’re visiting us from another part of the world, or from right here in the Huntersville, North Carolina area — welcome!

We’re so glad you found our website. Whether you’re visiting us from another part of the world, or from right here in the Huntersville, North Carolina area — welcome!

We’re so glad you found our website. Whether you’re visiting us from another part of the world, or from right here in the Huntersville, North Carolina area — welcome!

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I Am an "S"! What Are You?

Several weeks ago, I went to another in a fairly long line of continuing education opportunities (the weekend it snowed!).  We are encouraged by church leadership to attend these, as these are designed to help us grow both personally and professionally, and to keep us fresh and inspired.  I usually enjoy going and generally find them helpful in some way.  This last one I attended has been especially intriguing and helpful.  I wonder if you might find this to be interesting also?

The program is centered around a personality profile test called a “DiSC” profile.  I don’t know how long this particular personality profile has been around, but I am sure it has been around for a number of years, and is available on-line for free and with an optional cost for deeper engagement.  It works like this:  You are asked to respond to a number of questions, and based on your responses you end up being identified as a “D”, “I”, “S”, or “C”.  There are various personality characteristics attributed to each letter of the DISC profile.  It turns out, based on the responses I gave, that I am in the “S” category. 

Now, while all of us function in all four (4) of the categories sometimes, we generally have a default position, one that suits us most of the time and is our comfort zone.  Some qualities of the “S” are even-tempered, accommodating, patient, tactful, eager to give support to others, stable, values collaboration, and a bit cautious.  “S” people tend to make decisions deliberately, wanting as much information as possible, and tend to value people over the project.  Folks in this category want everyone to be on board before moving forward with important decisions.  While I probably knew these things about myself, seeing them on a report re-enforced them for me and gave me language I needed to help understand why I react this way.  Being an “S” describes me pretty well.

As in everything, there are both advantages and disadvantages to being “me” as an “S.”  As a Pastor, being patient, tactful, accommodating and the like is good!  Valuing a team is really important in ministry.  So, there are some real pluses to being an “S” in ministry.  But, here are some potential negatives:  slow to make decisions, sometimes paralyzed by wanting to keep everyone happy, not addressing some things that need to be addressed in order not to hurt feelings.  Doing the hard work of introspection, I realize this has been my downfall at times.

The great thing about these profiles is that, while they describe us, they help us recognize that we can live into other categories as needed.

I am convinced that it is time to be bolder in my role as Pastor of Huntersville UMC.  We have developed relationships over the last 3 and a half years, relationships that I believe lead you to know me, to trust me, to recognize that I want to be a part of this church fulfilling her God-given mission in the world.  I hope you understand my love for you individually and as a community of faith.  But, now is the time for action.  Now is the time to be bold in our words and our actions.  Now is the time to stretch, to reach, to break out of the chains of inaction and move out of our comfort zones.  Now is the time to move forward in big, audacious ways.  Are you ready?

If, like me, you are an “S”, you may be frightened by this talk.  As a “C”, you may need more information.  As an “I”, you may be saying, “What took you so long?”  As a “D”, you may be telling me to catch up with you where you are!  Just as individuals have personality profiles, organizations (churches) do, too.  I think in general we may be a church of the “S” type.  The good news is that we love and value people.  We tend to think through our decisions.  But, when it is time to act, we can and will!  Now is that time.  Now is the moment we can choose action over being paralyzed by fear of leaving someone behind. 

In the coming months, we are going to offer some bold initiatives.  These initiatives have long been in the making.  They are well thought out.  And, they are imperative. 

Will you join me in praying that these bold initiatives are both God’s plan and purpose and that God will be glorified in everything we do?  I have set a reminder on my smartphone every day at 8:00 a.m. to pray.  Would you join me in the way you can?  Will you find a way to remember to be in prayer daily about our future as a church? 

Be listening and watching for some of these big, audacious ideas to emerge!  As always, your feedback and comments are both welcomed and critical as we move forward.  May the God of all grace and truth guide us forward.

 In His Peace,

 Paul B. Thompson

 p.s. If you are interested in taking a free online DiSC assessment visit:  https://discpersonalitytesting.com/free-disc-test/